Announce for foreign nationals
Update Pfizer Vaccination for Foreign Residents in Chiang Mai
Tuesday 19th October 2021 Vaccination Centre Promenada Mall
08:30-12:30 – Foreign Residents Over 25 Yrs Age (YOB 1996 or earlier) Ticket Holders Only
13:30 -14:30- Foreign Residents 18 - 24 Yrs Age (YOB 1997 - 2003) Ticket Holders Only
Please obtain free tickets via Eventbrite App at this link :
Foreign Residents Over 25 Yrs Age :
Tickets available for following times :
- 08:30-09:30 , 09:30-10:30 , 10:30-11:30 , 11:30-12:30
Foreign Residents 18 - 24 Yrs Age :
Tickets available for following times :
- 13:30-14:30 , 14:30-15:30
Do not forget to bring to the vaccination your :
- Passport
- Eventbrite E-ticket
- Consent Form, filled in prior to arrival (see below).
Terms and Conditions Apply :
This Pfizer vaccination is only for foreign residents in Chiang Mai who have never been vaccinated with any vaccine before Only one ticket is allowed per person.
This vaccination is for expat foreign residents NOT migrant workers from Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos. Migrant workers will be vaccinated under a separate program.
You are advised to arrive 15 minutes before your ticket time. There is no need to arrive earlier than that.
In order to reduce delays for yourself and others, please could you :
1) Pre-register with Wall of Chiang Mai, if you have not already done so at :   and note your 13 digit ID number.
2) Print out and fill in the Consent Form prior to arrival. Full address is not required only District and Sub-District. Form can be found at this link :
    For the consent form guide please click the link :
Chiang Mai Provincial Public Health Office would like to emphasize that this vaccination is only for individuals who have not previously been vaccinated. Registrations will be checked and fraud will lead to ineligibility for all future vaccinations from the Royal Thai Government.
All guidelines at the vaccinations will be strictly enforced, and customers eligible for vaccination must comply with the above criteria. Individuals who do not comply will be turned away and asked to wait for a later date.

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