Announce for foreign nationals
COVID-19 Vaccination Request for Foreigners Residing in Chiang Mai
Frequently Asked Questions is an opportunity for us to provide information to the public in response to questions we have received. This is an ongoing feature and will be updated as new developments and information becomes available. So please continue to email us with your questions and concerns.
1. Question: If I have already pre-registered by email or with a mobile team at one of the shopping centres, do I need to fill in this request form?
1. Answer : Yes. Because the province of Chiangmai has created a web-based application that requires individuals to enter their identification information to request vaccination. Unfortunately, individuals who have previously submitted identification information will need to use this format as previously submitted information cannot be transferred to this new platform.
2. Question: Will I be able to choose which vaccine I am vaccinated with?
2. Answer : At the current time, the Chiangmai Public Health Office only offers Sinovac and Astrazenaca. This may change in the future and the addition of any new vaccines will be posted on our website,, so please check for updates.
3. Question: When will vaccination of foreigners in Chiang Mai take place?
3. Answer : At the current time, the availability of vaccines to non-Thai nationals is dependent on several factors beyond our control, so it is difficult to anticipate when this will occur. Again, as stated above, check our website, for updates as we will make this information available to the public as soon as we know.
4. Question: I am eager to receive COVID-19 vaccination but I have been unable due to the COVID-19 situation to extend my visa. Will my visa be checked before I am allowed to be vaccinated.
4. No. Medical teams performing vaccinations are only interested in vaccination and control of communicable diseases. They have no role in checking visas and will not be passing your personal information to any other government agency.
5. Question: I have not received a confirmation email what should I do?
5. Answer : Sometimes there can be a delay before you receive a confirmation email. Also, please check your spam and junk email folder. We ask that you allow 24 hours to receive your confirmation. If you have not received it by this time, contact us at
6. Question: When can we expect gyms, swimming pools and indoor exercise venues like badminton to be opened?
6. Answer : We realize closing these facilities has been a huge inconvenience for many. We are striving to find the right balance between allowing the re-opening of these facilities versus increasing the risk of contracting Covid. Our policy decision-making committee is aware of the issue and is actively monitoring the situation, and if the Covid case numbers remain low as they are currently being reported as of June 1, we hope to have a favorable decision soon.
We should add that even when these facilities are re-opened, individuals will be required to wear masks at all times, whether you have been vaccinated or not, until such a time the Public Health Department decides it is safe to do otherwise.
7. Question: Should I get vaccinated if I am pregnant or planning on getting pregnant?
7. Answer : Yes. First, assessing the risk of acquiring Covid-19 while pregnant, among more than 450 000 symptomatic women with COVID-19 admission to an intensive care unit, invasive ventilation, extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, and death were all more likely among pregnant individuals than among nonpregnant women of reproductive age, .It is not necessary to delay getting pregnant if you have been fully vaccinated. Also, unvaccinated pregnant women who acquire Covid-19 are at increased risk for preterm labor. Second the CDC and the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) in America have safety monitoring systems in place to gather information about COVID-19 vaccination during pregnancy and will closely monitor that information. Early data from these systems are preliminary, but reassuring. These data did not identify any safety concerns for pregnant people who were vaccinated or for their babies.
As new studies are published we will update our information.
8. Question: Is it safe to breastfeed if I have received the vaccine?
8. Answer : Mothers who have been vaccinated are encouraged to continue breast feeding. A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) found that a COVID-19 vaccination prompts a robust secretion of antibodies in breast milk for up to 6 weeks after vaccination.

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